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Covid 19

There is a lot of confusing information out there and to try and help our patients we are trying to summarise as much of it as possible, as simply as possible. Each entry will be dated according to its last update.

The last update to this page was 5/8/20 at 0900. 

There is a single point of resources available via the government website. We ask that you make this your primary source of information regarding Covid 19

PLEASE WEAR A FACE COVERING WHEN ATTENDING THE SURGERY to help maintain the health of other patients and staff. This is not obligatory, but we are grateful for your cooperation.


TESTING Testing is available for anyone with symptoms of COVID 19 or who lives with someone who has symptoms. To arrange testing, click here, OR CALL 119

(Please note, the practice does not perform Covid 19 testing)

You should self isolate until  you have your test result. Once you have had a negative test you do not need to continue self isolating.


 SELF ISOLATION (5/8/20) rules have changes and you should now self isolate for 10 days if you have a positive Covid 19 test (14 days if you have been in hospital)

If you have persisting symptoms beyond 10 days, you should continue to self isolate

  • Household contacts of those with positive contacts need to stay at home for 14 days (the incubation period)
  • If a household contact becomes unwell in the second half of their isolation period they need to stay at home for 7 days from the day that they became unwell


FACE MASKS (undated due to frequent updates) are now obligatory on public transport, shops and many enclosed spaces. Guidance can be found here. You are able to create your own exemption card using this link. There are other links available below:

Face mask exemption for mobile phone sign

Face mask exemption badge to print

Face mask exemption card


RETURNING TO WORK (1/8/20) From 1 August when shielding is paused, people might be able to return to their work place. There is clear guidance on the government websites regarding returning to work, and you can do your own risk assessment as well


FLIGHTS/TRAVEL (5/8/20): We are not able to provide a certificate or proof that a patient is ‘covid free’ or has had a covid negative test within a certain timeframe of a flight. By the time the test result is returned, there is no guarantee you have not been infected, and therefore we cannot provide this service.


ANTIBODY TESTING (14/7/20) Population based antibody testing (to identify those who have had coronavirus) has been mentioned in the news recently. This is not currently available, and we will keep patients updated of any local plans to offer this. Current information can be found here


PAUSE TO SHIELDING What support will be available after July? (5/8/20)
From 1 August, when shielding is paused,  clinically extremely vulnerable people will continue to have access to priority supermarket delivery slots if you have registered online before 17 July for a priority delivery slot.

NHS Volunteer Responders will also continue to offer support to those who need it, including collecting and delivering food and medicines.

The NHS Volunteer Responders Scheme has been expanded to offer a new Check in and Chat Plus role. This new role has been designed to provide peer support and companionship to people who are shielding as they adapt to a more normal way of life.

If you are vulnerable or at risk and need help with shopping, medication or other essential supplies, please call 0808 196 3646 (8am to 8pm).

Details of the support and advice available from the Government can be found here:


SYMPTOMS OF COVID 19 The commonest symptoms are a persistent new cough (coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24hrs (if you have a cough normally, it may be worse than usual) and/or temperature, and /or a change or loss of sense of smell or taste. Some people develop shortness of breath or a sore throat. Please contact 111online if you think you have COVID 19.


PREGNANCY AND COVID There is clear advice available here


SICK NOTES FOR self-isolation?

There is a request by government to employers to be sensible about requesting sick notes in order to not overburden the health service with unnecessary requests. Please follow the guidance and share this with your employer if they are still asking for it.

You can complete the relevant information online for an ISOLATION NOTE if you have been diagnosed with COVID 19 or have been advised to self isolate