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Health resources for patients

With more and more information online, it can be difficult to know what is reliable. We have put together a list of resources for you to use below. Please note, this is not a replacement for seeing your doctor, as we are always able to consult on all the issues below.

Please let the reception know if you find any links that do not work, or know of other resources you feel could help other patients.

(this page is being developed September 2019)

General health information: see our self help page

The 3 most useful resources for general health information are the NHS website and Patient UK for written information, and the NHS Video Library for videos on a multitide of health conditions.

Chronic disease management: see our chronic disease page in the clinics section

Mental health issues:

If you feel low, anxious or depressed, you can contact the Talk Works service by phoning them direct on 0300 555 3344, or completing their online form

There are also free Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Courses available online: Living life to the full and Mood Gym are both well recognised

For those who like to ready, there is a scheme called Reading Well, and most of the books are available at your local library – a list of books can be found here.


Musculoskeletal injuries/pains:

There is currently a long wait for NHS based physiotherapy. Whilst waiting, you might find these basic exercise leaflets useful for common conditions. Please remember, physiotherapy works, but only if it is done properly and consistently, over a period of time.

Neck pain

Shoulder pain

Back pain and more information here

Tennis Elbow/elbow pain (exercises at the bottom of the page)

Hand/wrist pain

Hip pain

Knee pain

Foot pain/plantar fasciitis/Achilles tendinitis

There are also videos for these exercises and more on the fantastic Verus Arthritis website

Chronic pain and Fibromyalgia

The Sheffield Aches and Pains website has a huge amount of information on it, and is very useful for those who suffer with Chronic pain conditions.


Sexual Health

It can be embarrassing to speak to your doctor about your sexual health, but there is no need to be. If you want more information about Sexually transmitted infections, contraception or general wellbeing, the Family Planning Association have a great website with lots of resources, or you can contact our local clinic in central Exeter



Becoming bereaved can be an incredibly stressful and upsetting time. You can always see your GP to talk things through, and CRUSE are an excellent resource, providing information and counselling.

Balloons is a local charity specialising in helping younger patients.