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PPP Meeting Minutes, Surveys and Results

PPP Meeting Minutes

Open Meet’ Nov15 – Minutes

Minutes – Meeting 1 – January 2016

Minutes – Meeting 2 – March 2016

Minutes – Meeting 3 – May 2016

Minutes – Meeting 4 – July 2016

Minutes – Meeting 5 – Sept 2016

Minutes – Meeting 6 – Nov 2016

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Broadsheet – See Meeting 13

Patient Surveys

We completed a full survey of patient opinion in September 2016. The Practice acknowledges and thanks the members of the Practice Patient Panel who helped carry this out.

The Patient Survey used was the GPAQ (General Practice Assessment Questionnaire) which is widely used across the UK. We last carried out a FULL GPAQ Survey in 2012 and then carried out a reduced version of the survey in 2014. The results below make comparisons with these earlier surveys.

The Patient Panel reviewed the survey results at its meeting in Nov 2016 and it may be useful to look at the minutes of that meeting before looking in detail at the survey results below.

We recommend you look at the results of the ACCESS part of the survey first. It is important to read the introductory section carefully first, to help make sense of the results.

Oct 2016 – GPAQ Survey – Access

Then look at the GENERAL part which mostly deals with the patients’ experience when actually seeing their GP or Nurse. Again please do read the introductory section carefully first.

Oct 2016 – GPAQ Survey – General

If you have any questions about the survey and its results please do not hesitate to contact the Practice Manager.


Some early history of the Practice Patient Panel and full details of previous surveys are given below.

The first task we set the Patient Participation Group (as it was then called) was to complete a short online survey. This was to help identify issues of interest about which we could poll a larger group of patients. Click  below to view the survey questions.

Preliminary Survey

We had a good response to this preliminary survey and the results are summarised in this document.

Preliminary Survey Results

Our next step was to carry out a much wider survey of Practice patients, with approximately 300 surveys being completed. This was a ‘post-consultation’ survey, which means it was completed by patients after they have seen their GP. This is important as some of the questions are about the quality of the consultation process itself. The survey used was the General Practice Assessment Questionnaire (GPAQ) and is widely used across the UK. This means that our scores can be compared with national benchmarks. A copy of the blank GPAQ survey form can be viewed below.


In addition we asked participants to answer a small number of ‘local’ questions, based on issues that arose from the preliminary survey of Patient Participation Group member. The extra local questions concerned:

  • GP and Medical Student Training
  • Improving physical access to the premises.
  • The use of technology, such as automated booking-in and patient call systems.

It was asking quite a lot for patients to complete both the GPAQ questionnaire AND the local questions, but some 230 out of 300 did manage to do so. The local questions together with the results are given below:

Local Questions added to GPAQ Survey + Results

Based on these results, an action plan was agreed by the GP Partners and endorsed by the Patient Participation Group.  The results together with the action points are summarised below. The Practice will be acting on these in the coming months.

Local Survey Results + Action Plan

The full GPAQ survey results are currently being independently analysed. We will publish these online, hopefully early in April.

The Practice would like to take this opportunity to thank all patients who completed the GPAQ survey and to offer particualr thanks to all members of the Patient Participation Group for their additional contribution in completing the preliminary online survey and so helping to frame the extra ‘local’ survey questions.


UPDATE – The full GPAQ survey results have now been received.

PR 8956 Practice Report 2012

To add a little more background to the survey results, we have prepared a Practice Commentary document and suggest that this be read in conjunction with the report above.

Practice Commentary on GPAQ Results – Apr 2012

The Doctors would welcome any comments/feedback on the survey results.


The Patient Participation Group project started this year was carried out under a Department of Health initiative called a Directed Enhanced Service, or DES for short. Other DES initiatives include:

  • Alcohol – monitoring alcohol use and providing help to potential problem drinkers.
  • Extended Hours – providing GP services outside normal opening hours.
  • Influenza/Pneumonia Vaccination – providing the seasonal vaccination programme.
  • Learning Disabilities – providing annual health checks to this group of patients who tend to have poorer health than the general population and may not take up health screening opportunities.
  • Minor Surgery – providing a range of minor surgical procedures at the Surgery.
  • Osteoporosis – providing confirmation of diagnosis and appropriate drug therapy to affected patients.

Practices are not obliged to take on the extra work that a DES will involve, but if they do then they receive addition income. Our Practice carries out all the above Directed Enhanced Services except for Extended Hours.

A requirement of the Patient Participation DES is that we submit an annual report to NHS Devon and also make this available to patients. Click below to read this report.

PPG DES Report – 2011/12

Much of the report repeats the material above, but does include some additional content. In particular this covers how we set about establishing the group, marketing it and ensuring it was representative of Practice patients overall.


UPDATE – The 2012/13 annual report for the Patient Participation Group is attached below. This should open in a new window. There are a number of reference documents included in this report, so it may take up to a minute to open.

PPG DES Report – 2012/13

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