All surgeries are by appointment only. Appointments can be booked by phoning the surgery on 01392 469668, in person at the reception desk or online. We  have a number of appointments which are bookable on the same day

We try to make sure you see the doctor of your choice but if they are not available we may ask you to see another doctor.

If you are too ill to come to the surgery and you require a visit at home, please call the surgery on 01392 469666. Home visits take up much more of a doctor’s time than a consultation in the surgery, so if you are mobile please come into the surgery to be seen.

Online booking – sign up now

We offer online appointment booking so you can make, check or cancel appointments 24/7. Before you can use the service you must first register online. To do this you will need a registration form issued by the Practice to you in person. If you now have your registration form, or have used the service before, simply click here.

Want to book appointments on the move ? Once you’ve registered for Online Booking you can downline the ‘Patient Access’ app to your smartphone.